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Shrunk Hedz

Realistic imitation shrunken head. Allow 4 days production time as item is made to order. Each piece is an individual work of art & may have slight variations from item to item.

Shrunk Hedz

  • If you are not happy with this product for any reason, please return the item using the return address on the box shipped or contact us at and we will refund the purchase amount upon receiving the item (not including return shipping).

  • Imagine if an expedition in the uncharted rain forrests of South America were to stumble upon the ruins of an ancient society of head hunters, unearthing a treasure trove of artifacts including honest to goodness, real life, HUMAN SHRUNKEN HEADS! Imagine no more! Although not real, our Shrunk Hedz have all the joy & wonder of REAL shrunken heads! (Yes, we know we're sick, but that's why you're here!) Our Shrunk Hedz feature realistic camel hair, painted wooden beads, are made from the highest quality plastic resin, have a proffessional multi-layered paint job complete with our secret aging technique that was recently "liked" by some guy named Gary on one of the social media plattforms & are 100% anatomically correct from all angles! Shrunk Hedz are approximately 4" tall, made of hard plastic resin & may contain choking hazzards. PRODUCT NOT INTENDED FOR SMALL CHILDREN. 

    *Each of our Shrunk Hedz are an individual work of art & one of a kind so some minor variations may occur.

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