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Monkey Paws

Realistic imitation monkey paws.

Monkey Paws

  • If you are not happy with this product for any reason, please return the item using the return address on the box shipped or contact us at and we will refund the purchase amount upon receiving the item (not including return shipping).


  • Lady luck not on your side? Tired of always ending up with the short end of the stick? Tumbling through life on a continuous banana peel slip? Just want something neat-o to hang from your rear-view mirror? Then pat yourself on the back, because you've expertly found your way to the solution of all your problems! 10X more lucky than a rabbits foot & 100X more foot than a rabbit's tail, they're MONKEY PAWS!!! Not at all possessed by an evil entity hell-bent on destroying everyone that it comes in contact with but, absolutely super lucky if you're prone to believing in that sort of thing! 

    Made of, not monkey, but real camel hair, high quality resin & antiqued using our secret  aging method. 

    *Each of our Monkey Paws are an individual work of art & one of a kind so some minor variations may occur. POSSIBLE CHOKING HAZARD not intended for small children.