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About Us

My friends call me Cwideerm or "Cwi" for short. I live in Michigan with my wife & our four cats. I have a beautiful, artistic daughter and a slew of talented friends. Since I was old enough to hold a pencil I've been in love with the concept of entertaining people. I started off by making my own homemade comic books & selling them for junk food money in elementary school. I would also put on puppet shows for the other kids in the neighborhood with puppets I created myself. My friends and I would put on plays & carnivals until I graduated to film-making in 1985 upon receiving my first video camera for Christmas. It was at that point my imagination really took off.


I've published five ash-can comics under Dark World Comix and two more under Quid n Dunz. I worked at The Prop Shop for five years, ran a haunt for KOA for five years, started my own youtube show & created many props for independent films. Today, my goal is to use what I've learned to help other aspiring filmmakers, puppeteers, artists & mask makers. B Movie Props, affordable, professional movie props for a fraction of the cost. Let's create something cool!



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